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FIR Treatment

Get ready for the summer with our Far Infrared Rays therapy for calorie burning and weight loss.
FIR Treatment

Weight Loss with Far Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox the body and mind

Why FIR for Weight Loss and Detoxification?

Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy that can penetrate all layers of the human body, infiltrating the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles, and bone.

It lets you burn up to 800 calories per session, giving this technology unique health benefits. It’s safe and makes you lose 5 – 10 kg of pure fat in 1 month. You must do it three times a week.

Also, increasing evidence suggests that convenient and non-invasive far-infrared (FIR) rays improve patients’ health with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease.

This doesn’t mean that diet or exercise are not critical factors in weight loss. Therefore, eating a balanced diet is essential to keep your body in shape. Also, without addressing underlying issues that sabotage weight loss efforts, your ability to lose weight and keep it off is severely compromised. That is how many people are incorporating FIR therapy into their weight-loss program with excellent results.

Many modern studies showed that FIR is helpful for:

How Does FIR Help The Body Burn Calories?

Vitality Clinic Lady inside a FIR blanket

Boost Cardiovascular System

When FIR infiltrates the body, it produces heat energy. That energy stimulates cells to function more rapidly and efficiently. This, in turn, boosts your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, increases blood flow to all parts of your body, and burns an incredible amount of calories.

Vitality Clinic FIR benefits cardio boost

Shortening Recovery Time After Exercises

You may have seen many people begin a weight-loss exercise program but stop that immediately due to muscle and joint pain or immobility and debilitating fatigue. The regular use of far infrared rays helps people to maintain an increase in physical activity by shortening recovery time and healing minor exertion-related injuries.

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The soothing, penetrative heat stimulates cellular regeneration, allowing you to recover quickly and feel refreshed, relaxed, and energized.

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