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Vitality Clinic is a medical clinic in Lebanon specializing in anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and weight management.

Our Approach

When healing hands combine

One of our unique strengths is our team approach. Vitality Clinic is a multi-disciplinary healthcare center focusing on teamwork to promote optimal health. Our team combines expertise from the fields of Medicine and Nutrition for a convenient and comprehensive approach to your health.

For the past ten years, our Clinic in Zalka has treated patients from Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and other areas in Lebanon and international clients visiting Lebanon from all over the world.

Our hands-on experience, complemented by a solid foundation of educational credentials and professional certifications, provides each patient with specialized care.

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Patient Satisfaction 96%
Consistency 98%
Patient Wait Time 89%
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Our Team

Meet the Vitality Clinic's Health Care Members


Dr. Gilbert Bourjeily

Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, & Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Weight Management Specialist

Mrs. Maya Moubarak

Weight Loss, Slimming and Reshaping.

Why To Choose Us

We work together as a team to promote optimal health

Find out what differentiates Vitality Clinic for Medical Weight Loss from other weight loss plans.

Vitality Clinic was exactly what I needed to break the addictions, cravings, and emotional eating.

Individualized Program

Each fully individualized program is supported with ongoing one-on-one care.

Increased Metabolism

Vitality Clinic also aims to increase a patient's metabolism with a plan geared toward that individual's unique needs.

Medical Clinic

Dr. Gilbert Bourjeily is American board-certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, & Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Latest Technologies

We use the latest technology and medical data available in the field of medical weight loss.

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