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Regenerative Medicine

Vitality Clinic Regenerative Medicine combines the latest scientific advances to improve Health and Wellness, AntiAging, Aesthetics, and Beauty.

Regenerative Medicine

Anti-Aging Specialist

This medical specialty focuses on early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of diseases believed to be inevitable as we age

Anti-Aging Services including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Aesthetics Services.

People are getting older and older. The average life expectancy of women and men in Lebanon is 81 and 77 years. Newborns can already expect to live to 85 and 80 years. But, of course, people not only want to grow old but also want to enjoy old age in good health.
Unfortunately, aging is accompanied by changes in health and appearance. Anti-aging medicine tries to stop or slow down these aging processes. It is the attempt to connect natural and healthy aging and avoid the negative aspects where it is reasonable and possible.

Over time, various theories concerning the causes of aging emerged. Some genes are supposed to be involved, but also a growing imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants. At the same time, with age, there are significant hormonal changes that apply influence the body.

Regardless, the negative influence of overweight, poor nutrition, and stress on the body and aging is well known. These are all starting points in anti-aging medicine.

At Vitality Clinic, Dr. Gilbert Bourjeily, American board-certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, & Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, has extensive experience in anti-aging medicine. Dr. Bourjeily offers comprehensive care at his office, beginning with an in-depth evaluation and incorporating a range of treatments, such as customized nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, stress management, bioidentical hormone replacement, IV therapy, and weight-loss programs.

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